Mt Everest Trekking

Trekking Everest is the adventurous journey to the tallest peak of the world. Trekking Everest is the topmost peak of the world located in the Khumbu part of Nepal. The altitude of Mount Everest ranges up to 8848 meters and the Everest base camp is 5364 meters which will be the adventure quest of all the climbers and mountaineers.

Trekking lovers visits Nepal to do mountaineering and other different adventurous journey to the different parts of Nepal. The trekking journey of Mount Everest starts from Lukla part of Nepal. Mt Everest Trekking is the adventurous journey as well as a cultural journey to the Himalayan parts of Nepal.

Nepal is a religious country having different religions people. The main religions followed by the people of Nepal are Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. But instead of that mostly all the religions of people live in harmony in Nepal. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and most likely by the different visitors to be visited. Kathmandu have many visiting places and historical areas. Bhaktapur is also one of the oldest city of Nepal which is famous for its art, architecture and cultural places.

The world heritages are also located in Kathmandu and Bhakpatur. Khumbu area of Nepal is in the Himalayan part of Nepal and the most popular place among the tourist. The great Himalayas located in Khumbu part of Nepal is one of the scenetic views. Waterfall, snowy rivers, snowcapped mountains, Himalayas, flora and fauna are the scenery that the trekkers can glance while on the way to Mt Everest trekking.

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